Essential Finger Exercises – Dohnanyi – EMB




In the following exercises, I have endeavoured to collect material in consensed form, yet as complete as possible, which should help piano students to acquire a reliable technique. They are even all-sufficient for finished pianists to keep in training, and to retain the already acquired technique. Ernst von Dohnányi (Budapest, June 1929.)

Sottotitolo: for obtaining a sure piano technique – Zur Erlangung einer sicheren Klaviertechnik
Compositore: Ernst von Dohnanyi
Strumentazione: Pianoforte
Editore: Editio Musica Budapest
Collana: EMB Music Lesson – Exercises, Studies
Lingua: D-ENG
Livello di difficoltà: Difficile – Molto difficile
Tipologia articolo: Libro
Numero di pagine: 52
ISMN: 9790080026526
Codice edizione: 2652